Daniel Atasiei
Daniel Atasiei - Attorney




 Daniel graduated from the Faculty of Law of Al. Ioan Cuza University of Iasi in 1999 and during the same year he was admitted to Iasi Bar. Following up his academic studies, Daniel graduated in 2000 the module of extensive studies in Public and Private International Law within the same Faculty and since 2007 he has a PhD in Criminal Law on "Crimes in the field of Informatics" within the Al I. Cuza Academy Police in Bucharest. In 1999, early after graduation, our colleague was chosen to join the staff of the Faculty of Law of Al. Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, being Instructor, Assistant Professor, and currently Lecturer, coordinator of the course in Procedural and Criminal Law for Bachelor studies and of the course in Identification Techniques of the Simulated Behavior for Master studies.


His academic career complements at the highest level the Attorney career, Daniel being part of our team of attorneys since 1999. Our colleague represents with professionalism and reliability the natural and legal persons in the field of criminal law. Also, Daniel is involved in training young attorneys, being a Lecturer within the National Institute for Training and Development of Lawyers Iasi. Daniel speaks fluently Romanian (native), English and French.