Natalia Mosnegutu
Natalia Mosnegutu - Founder Attorney



Mrs. Natalia Mosnegutu graduated from the Faculty of Law within Al. I. Cuza University of Iasi in 1972, and during the same year she became an attorney in the Iasi Bar. In addition to her prodigious activity as an attorney, Mrs. Mosnegutu got involved with a high degree of dedication in promoting and representing our profession at a local and national level, completing a number of mandates as Counselor within Iasi Bar and occupying the position of Deputy Dean of this Bar during 2005-2009.


In 1998, together with Attorney Oana Chirita, she founded the N. Mosnegutu - O.Chirita Law Firm, the professional experience of Mrs. Mosnegutu complementing her partner’s, Oana Chirita, tenacity, who at that moment was a lawyer at the beginning of her career. The years of solid professional experience recommend her as a well-renowned lawyer, publicly acknowledged. She is not only an exquisite professional but also a well admired mentor for her collaborators. She promoted within the team the rules of full loyally to clients, of the perfect preparation of the file and of the exhaustive analysis of the legal situations that need to be solved. Her activity is focused mainly on the areas of civil law (property, contracts, family law, and law of succession) and criminal law.

Experience on the National Agency of Integrity Law on incompatibilities, conflicts of interest and assets investigation.